Great learning resource. Adam is methodical and a natural teacher. I recommend CadJunkie to all my students.
— Industrial Designer, Educator
I just love Adam’s style of teaching... Learning should be an interesting and fun experience. This is definitely the case here.
— Film/Entertainment Student
There are very few, if not no, tutorial sites for designers/engineers that offer such a varied and in-depth resource
— Engineer

The Skinny

cadjunkie is a design training site consisting mainly of video tutorials for 3D digital design tools like SolidWorks, Rhino, and MODO. Unlike other video training sites, we require no memberships, no recurring fees, and no confusing "drip feed" content limitations. At cadjunkie, if you buy a tutorial series, you own it: watch whenever, wherever, and on any device--as long as you're the only one watching.

The site was founded circa 2009 by industrial designer Adam O'Hern. For more, see our founding myth.

How it works

Three steps to cadjunkie bliss

Pick a product and click the "buy now" button. Pay a small, one-time fee for download. Download and enjoy as often as you want on as many devices as you want for as long as you want. It's that simple.

No memberships, no recurring payments.

We used to be a membership site, but we've changed our ways. We've blogged about our reasoning, but the end result is ridiculously simple: as of today, if you want a cadjunkie tutorial, you can buy it. Bam. Old is the new new.

Honor System

All we ask is that you keep it to yourself. Please, by all means spread the news of cadjunkie's awesomeness to your friends and relatives, but we ask that each user pay his or her own way. If everybody pays their fare share, we'll be able to make more great content. If we make more great content, you'll be happy. So everybody wins!



cadjunkie code of honor

  1. The products we sell are licensed for use by a single person. For discounted group and classroom licenses, ask us.
  2. We do not limit usage by device or location. Use our products on any device, anywhere, anytime, so long as it's only one person.
  3. Don't make our products available through pirate sites or torrents, and don't download from those sites either. Aside from being unsafe and illegal, it's just not cool. If you can't afford our products for any reason, we offer discounts. Just ask.

Thanks for making cadjunkie possible.

We started cadjunkie because we love to help people succeed. In fact, it's one of the most rewarding things we do. Thanks for helping to make that happen.

Enough jibber jabbin. Get your geek on!