We want our products to be accessible to everybody. Our products are priced so that most people in the developed world can afford them. If you live in a rich country like we do, you probably spend more money on coffee in one month than it would cost to buy an entire cadjunkie course!


That said, there are several circumstances where we think additional discounts are appropriate. Here are the big ones:

High School (and under 18)

We are big believers in greater access to STEM subjects for younger students, which is why cadjunkie is completely free for all students under 18. That's right, 100% off.

University / Vocational

University students and teachers get 50% off all cadjunkie products on a per-student basis. Non-profit vocational classes are also eligible for this discount, but for-profit training sessions are not.


If you're unemployed, we've got your back. Just get in touch and let us know what you think you can afford.


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Tell us the specifics: your name, location, reason for discount, name of educational institution, etc. If everything looks legit we'll send you back a coupon code for the appropriate discount.