SOLIDWORKS for Industrial Design

In this full training course, industrial designer Adam O'Hern uses his uniquely quick, engaging style to teach SOLIDWORKS as a design tool in three self-contained project-based courses. Adam has taught hundreds of students in real-world classrooms at colleges and professional design studios alike, and tens of thousands of users via video training under the cadjunkie moniker. 

If you do it right, SOLIDWORKS is a fantastic design tool. It's fast, fluid, thoughtfully designed, and very efficient. If you do it wrong, as many users discover, it can be the exact opposite. To use the tool properly, you first need to understand why it works the way that it does. Adam takes great pride in thoroughly covering every aspect of how to use the tool, but also why. Adam's training helps you understand what to expect from the tool and, more importantly, what not to expect.

By the end of this series, you'll have a strong understanding of SOLIDWORKS and, just as importantly, how and when to use the tool in the context of a broader design project.

"Adam is methodical and a natural teacher. I recommend CadJunkie to all my students."
-- Designer (industrial)
"There are very few, if not no, tutorial sites for designers/engineers that offer such a varied and in-depth resource for the use of everything from modo to solidworks out there and that is why I return time and time again..." -- Engineer (industrial)
"Unlike many tutorial sites Cadjunkie shows real world useful content every designer needs to know. No waffle. No nonsense."
-- Designer (consumer goods)